Thursday, November 5, 2015

A New Adventure - all aboard at Tall Ship!

Trading in the laser pointer, lecture hall and boardroom presentations for a life on the high seas - again.

We're trading in the morning commute, the monthly board room priority meetings, the hours preparing lectures about marine ecology, genetics or community studies for a life filled with endless horizons far out to sea. The daily commute starts with a morning swim and a snorkel to identify the local reef fish, and maybe I'll have my spear along for some spearfishing, or with gale force winds during long crossings, or perhaps finding "parking" in mirror calm anchorages. And beaches, perfect white sand beaches offering a gateway from the warm tropical water into the terrestrial life of jungles, rainforest, wildlife and the cultures of distant shores. Life on the high seas again - for the foreseeable future.

We're excited to launch a new journey and to share every mile under the keel, every challenge and every experiential rollercoaster with you. This time there will be all new ways to interact with us and some great new footage to be shared! Let the "to do" lists begin: 1) pack up life (especially the ice-climbing, snowboarding and cold water surfing gear), 2) sell most things, cars, trucks, couches. Donate majority of cold weather clothes. And go.

Please join in on an all new adventure - this time aboard a Tall Ship Schooner.