Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anchored to a Volcano

January 16, 2010
Tonight we are anchored to a volcano. Last night's journey was long and loud, stinky motor through mirror calm seas. Yesterday we ran south accompanied by two Gray whales, one surfacing within 2 boat-lengths of our bow to take a peek. We paralleled them all day until dark when we lost their friendly spray in the night. Stars and ships on the horizon passed in the night. We had two shy dolphins ride our wake for hours in the night, reminding us of their presence with an occasional spray or splash back near the cockpit.
The morning light brought with it our first Pacific Bonito, hooked on the starboard line. A beautiful member of the tuna family known for its splendid colors and fighting spirit. It just so happens, it's tasty as well. Breakfast, dinner and breakfast tomorrow are all taken care of. For tonight we have dropped the hook in a small rocky bight on the small extinct volcano Isla San Martin. We attempted to summit but were thoroughly and completely shut down buy the numerous cacti thriving on this desert island, the way was impassible. The weather files that we download through the radio hint of a big storm heading our way in a few days. Contrary winds and big seas are expected. Tomorrow we look for refuge in a shallow and uncertain basin, hopefully a safe and passable spot to hunker down and let the storm pass, on this otherwise barren and inhospitable coast.

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