Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random acts of kindness and the problem of limited space.

We are simply not that far away from home yet. We are still near airports and cars, Costco and yes, even a Home Depot lays in our midst. One could drive from here to our hometown in a matter of a few days.
Soon, so soon, this will be far far in our wake. I think and feel that we have not gone far enough, sailed long enough, seen what I have come to see, whatever that may be. However, regardless of this perceived lack of mileage, we have wandered through numerous interesting, remote and unprivileged (only in an economic sense) communities. Bella Bella, San Quintin, Man of War or San Carlos, all have their charm, their beauty and their poverty. Whether it was a fishing village in Northern BC with a population of children with rampant seafood allergies or the quaint Magdalena Bay, having been just wiped out by a hurricane, we have met people in need. We have heard the usual, bring pencils, toys, clothing, batteries and fishhooks to give away or trade for local goods. Anything that promotes education and economic revitalization via stimulating local industry or just basic well-being is welcome cargo.
Our latest shipment of dispensables via my sister's visit filled our meager cargo hold with an abundance of toys, clothing and stationary which I am told will be met with open arms and open hearts in the remote South Pacific.
We have enjoyed sharing this experience with you, our friends, our acquaintances both present and future. And with an idea given to me by one such acquaintance, I hope to be the conduit to share a little more with the communities that we visit.
We have decided to add a “donate to a random act of kindness” button on our blog. The proceeds of which will be entirely used to supply the communities we visit with local and suitable acts of kindness, which will be documented here when possible. Our emphasis will be on purchasing and distributing educational and medical supplies to the communities we visit, but we are not limited to this. Our friends on Oblivion came up with this idea and have already put their proceeds to several random acts of kindness including donating over $300 to a local ice-cream shop for the local kids here in La Cruz. Kids and ice-cream, pure joy. So please, expand our cargo hold by giving a little and by sharing our blog with your friends and encouraging them to donate.

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