Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hyo’s Birthday Tomorrow

February 2, 2010
Hyo's Birthday, Please Call!
We have moved on up the inlet to San Carlos, a small port village, where it is easier to get water and diesel and to wait for the fresca fruita market on Wednesday. We have been away from civilization for over three weeks and have run low on supplies and completely out of any fresh vegetables. Tomorrow is also Hyo's birthday and I think it would be really fun if any of you who have the time might give her a call. We have a cell phone now and I'll have it on all day.
To call us from Canada dial: 011-521-646-947-1635. I'm sure if you use skype or some other internet phone company it would be far cheaper. Hope to hear from you.
P.S. We have now sailed so far east that we are now back on mountain standard time (Alberta time).


  1. Caught this a day late. I *think* I left a voicemail but if not, happy birthday!

  2. hi Hyo and Mike! Happy Birthday to you Hyo, mine was Feb 1. It looks like you are enjoying the sunshine. here lots of grey but at least it is warm. relatively speaking.
    take care and happy sailing!