Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Buenos Nachos!"

“Punch buggy, no returns!”

Two fists belonging to a uncle Mike and Xavery darted back and forth in front of me while our buttocks simultaneously launched off our seats on the ultra-bumpy bus ride. This is the wrong country to be playing punch buggy – VW bugs are everywhere!

We spent ten days with the Mulholland’s exploring Puerto Vallarta. Christy’s family was our land support in Victoria where they generously shared their laundry machines and mailboxes with us. Here, they also shared their luxuries with us: unlimited hot showers, internet access, laundry, and yes, gigantic kitchen counter space.
We attempted to playIo, the charter boat“ and took everyone out to Las Tres Marietas. Amazingly, our boat did cater and sleep four adults and four kids. Despite the uncomfortable night in Punta de Mita and choppy sea conditions resulting in numerous green faces, we were in good spirits.

It was a true vacation for Mike and I as well. Somewhere along the way, the fatigues of each passages and stress of repairs and chores must have sucked out the fun-seeking natures in us. Every time we entered a new port, we immediately went into our habit of looking for necessities such as water, fuel, markets, or hardware stores. We needed to break out of this routine and really enjoy sightseeing. Christy’s excitement and enthusiasm are exactly what we needed to make this experience “real”. Belly-laughing with the kids had the magical powers of relieving knots in my stomach. Being tourists together with family taught me to open my eyes to the details of the twisty tree branches, hear the flutes and drums of the Huichol Indians, and smell the BBQ fumes of flattened chicken.

I felt refreshed. All my surroundings felt more real. I appreciate what we have right now and am thankful.


  1. Do you miss us yet? We sure do!!! Ugg, back to the busy life at home. We have shown many friends Mike's video. They all love it. Take time to smell some beautiful flowers for us.
    Miss ya

  2. Ya, we miss you guys tons. Tell Xavery that I found those huge iguanas in the tree we were looking for. They were at the very top up in the thin branches and there are about 4-6 of them all of which are over a meter long!