Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 2+, Becalmed.

N18 57.11 W107 25.68
My binoculars spied something afloat standing out against this vast barren image. I could make out algal growth along the margins and a scaly effect on the rounded surface. We are moving at 0.0kts. IO is just bobbing up and down on a gigantic mirror. As we roll up and down with the waves, the slating motion of the sails is like a giant bird flapping its wings and is just enough pressure to maintain steerage. Occasionally a slight zephyr gives a push, this stray breeze fills the Big Red with enough force to tighten the sheets if only for a second. I need to work hard in the noon day sun to inch and claw my way near the dead turtle, floating so high in the water. It's not on our path, but we are not really going anywhere so I'll take a look. 10 minutes, and trimming the sheets just so, 50 meters. 20 minutes of slating sails, 40 meters, I can see the scales. I could have swum over and back 20 times, but I am using almost no wind to move 17,000 pounds of sailboat. Hyo is below sleeping. A half hours goes by, we are almost within one boat hook distance. A large wave rolls by and the sails slat with a bang. The turtle woke up and swam away.

Hours pass, then 10, now 15. We have only added 30 miles to hour 24 hour gps reading and only 23 miles are in the direction made good. The sun beats down so fiercely. Our refrigerator unit has been working overtime and is acting up again. We are going to be eating salad a lot faster now until it's gone.


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  1. Bing, bong. I am still afraid of the sound of sails slatting.