Sunday, March 28, 2010

To stand at the edge of the world, where beyond there be dragons

For now the last of good friends, tacos and ice cream. We have been hemorrhaging money again but the repairs are complete, the cargo hold is full of groceries, and this adventure is really about to begin! It sounds a bit odd to write that considering that we have been at this for almost a year now, but this next passage is the one that I dreamed of since long before the beginning of this voyage. Sailing off into the sunset across a seemingly endless expanse of open ocean with nothing except our boat, a star to steer by, and the hope of raising a deserted tropical island out of the endless curvature. That’s the dream, today, our reality! Oh my friends, how I have dreamed and worked and thought and schemed to make this experience happen. To sit here on the brink of this grand adventure, should fill me with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation. It does nothing of the sort. We have not sailed far enough to satisfy my mind. I only yearn to see what’s beyond the next wave, the next sunrise, the next horizon waiting just over there and beyond. Come with us friends, if only in mind and thought on this grand voyage, with us aboard IO across the grand Pacific. We will spend an entire lunar cycle seeking the beyond, under an endless sky, chasing an endless horizon, trailing our endless wake.


  1. Slay the dragon!
    We are so happy for you and will be following along your messages. Have a great adventure!
    We miss you,

    Love Thu and Dave

  2. Fair winds and following seas (but not too big).