Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Puerto Vallarta so far.


  1. I finally recognize something from where you are... I can't remember the name of the island with the big hole in it, but we took a boat cruise during a crappy day and went snorkeling but saw nothing(with tour boat at least). We also took a tour to where Predator was filmed. It looks like you are doing more of your own thing which is MUCH better, we just got the mediocre tours for free as part of some package...

    The best vegetarian restaurant I've probably been to was in Puerto Vallarta. It's nestled against the cliff, I think at the back of the main square in the village. From what I remember it would be good enough to skip a meaty meal...

    Anyway, good stuff - keep up the stories and cinematography!!

  2. I remember the island with a hole in it too. Nice to be reminded of that, thanks. Looks like you have found some nice weather and nice company. Cheers. Things are definately brighter!

  3. Hello guys, it's so good to see you all again.
    Huum, trying to feel some sunshine.
    Thank you for sharing.
    We miss you a lot.
    Send you lots of love.


  4. Hey Denny, We also ate at a place at the back of the village square, It was an all you can eat meat BBQ! WOW, they grilled 8-9 different types of meat all on a skewer and just brought the whole skewer to your plate and cut you off a big slab! I gorged my self silly, we all did.

  5. Looks like you enjoyed your visit with the Mulhollands. That's great.
    I love Mahi-mahi, it is mild flavored and great with mango salsa. You will have teasted every fish there is by the time you have finsihed your travels.
    So many wild and different experiences! Amazing.