Monday, August 16, 2010

Nejafu, Tonga

August 16, 2010

We are currently in the town of Nejafu, which is the main harbor in the Vava'u group of Tonga. Getting here was not much fun as the seas were rough and uncomfortable to the point that I got seasick, not something that has happened in a long time. The town is interesting and obviously poor. Oddly there are a large percentage of Canadian, American and British business owners here, which has added a very first world flavor to the otherwise rundown and poor community. While shopping for fresh vegetables at the local market we were presented with ample opportunity to dispense many of the toys and school supply's that we have been carrying with us. I had often grumbled about having to store this stuff in our limited hold but the smiles of the children more than compensated for that burden.

We have not yet explored the local islands as we have been trying to reprovision and get some email done. I have already spent over $25 on internet fees and countless hours to try to upload our new shark filled Suwarrow Atoll video and still have not been able to get it loaded. I also got a bad case of food poisoning and have been down for a couple of days. So far we have not thoroughly enjoyed Tonga but we hope to get out of the main harbor and begin to do so.



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