Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whoosh and Kaboom!

We are currently in Monterey California resting and preparing for our continued voyage south to southern Californian waters. We are about 100 NM north of Point Conception, which is described as being the Cape Horn of the Pacific. This is due to several reasons: First, it marks a transition from the cold northern waters that are driven by the upwelling of the California Current into the markedly warmer waters of the Santa Barbara channel. Second, the geography of the North American continent abruptly changes from North-south trending to a nearly east west trend. Finally, these combined transitions typically result in a tumultuous area known as Wind Alley that has a reputation for being either completely calm or particularly boisterous, both of which can be experienced in an afternoon. Beyond this area lie the California Channel islands, most of which are both an ecological reserve and a Naval bombing practice area! Clever ehh? Apparently if you’re on an island they are going to bomb, they give an 1-hour notice over the radio. We heard some advice “ the channel islands are beautiful, but if you’re hiking, stay on the trails because there is allot of unexploded ordinance out there!” Right!


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  1. Awesome Hyo and Mike!....We see your pics and are noticing the clothes seem to be doffing, while up here we are donning more and more layers! GREEN GREEN GREEN with envy...Thinking of youguys often ENJOY! Rob and Eliza