Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our trip in high-speed reverse.

Yesterday we flew from San Diego to Naniamo with stops in San Francisco and Vancouver. The flight path took us directly up the coast and from our altitude we could see many of the spots that we have now sailed and anchored. We first passed the Channel Islands and Point Conception which marked our passage into warmers waters. The bridge at San Francisco stood out of the fog and reminded us of how much of the coast we did not see due to that nasty weather. Much of the Oregon coast was clear and portrayed its rugged nature in true form. And finally, Puget Sound, the San Juan and Gulf Islands and good-ol Cadborro bay at the southern tip of Vancouver Island where not only this trip, but also my sailing adventures all started. It was like a replay of the past 7 weeks all in fast speed reverse. It also reminded us to appreciate the combustion engine, so far, so fast. The crisp Canadian air greeted us on the Naniamo tarmac and reminded us that we actually have traveled far-far away on our tiny little boat.


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