Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lessons so far

Lessons Learned from the Canadian and US voyage. 1) Sailing is not that fun. I have never “loved boats”. It is simply a tool to get me to hard-to-reach places. I have dreamed of sailing to far off islands exploring and still seek this dream. Simply, this coast is not conducive to this adventure. 2) In our quest for island exploring, we have found that our trip northward to the queen charlottes was far more fulfilling. 3) The usual complaint: The wind here in the coast is ill-favored for sailing - too much or not enough. 4) Traveling is filled with highs and lows and this is no different. Our challenge on this adventure has not been the difficulty of sailing downwind. A cardboard box can do that. Our challenge has been one of crew morale. We found that we could have the most fantastic day - dolphins in the morning, beautiful sunrise, good wind, 100+ miles ticked off at noon, a fish on the line, sunshine, a good book, chasing another pod of dolphins far into the sunset. The next day will be foggy all day while you zigzag through a fleet of oil tankers. Oh, and you puked up your breakfast. The highs are so high and the lows so low.
Now we move on into Mexican waters. While there is not an abundance of remote islands, we have heard of isolated beaches, good food, great fishing and the promise of warmer water to come.


  1. Would love to pick your brain about the Charlottes. We're looking forward to that.

    161 days for us...

  2. Not sure it would do much good, we had such an odd weather event there. 5 days of 35 degree weather and pure sunshine. Not a typical Charlottes experience.