Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freezing is Bunk!

Its COLD here! We can see snow on the mountains and have used so many blankets last night and the heater was on. This is bunk. Now we have a good weather window, and are going heading as far south as the wind will allow! We have been getting good weather reports so we should have good wind for the next 3 days. We are planning on going strait for Mag bay.



  1. Ain't cruising fun??? At least you were at anchor, wait until that same storm hits you while you are still at sea, thats real fun...glad you made it through ok.

    Be a shame to miss Tutle Bay, almost a "right of passage" so to speak for cruising south.
    But if the winds are with you, then you gotta go for it...
    We are heading to Victoria next week to sea trial a 37 Elite,. everything looks good on paper so far, hopefully sail trial will go well and survey will come out fine also.
    Have fun, remember you are living the
    happy sailing and following winds..
    Rob & Eliza

  2. ooops, that should say Turtle Bay...