Monday, January 25, 2010

Cathy's Birthday Stuck in a Bay

Not sure if the poetry is related to Robbie Burns Day, but here it is.... unedited, uncensored!

Jan 21, 2010

A poem for Cathy on Nordic V who celebrated her birthday while we were stuck in bahia de San Quintin:

Our time here at bahia San Quintin
Too soon for us, we'll not be forgittin'

Pitching and yawing, we're in for a ride
Itching to go, our boats wait to glide

Our ships are attached with anchors and plows
The grinding of chains, in my spine I feel now

Drips of water catch my attention
While tension takes turn with much apprehension

Each in our vessel, we incubate
There's seven of us, counts "Uncle Blake"

If it weren't for your birthday, on this day, oh Cathy,
Alone we'd have sat, miserable and unhappy

From Misty Moonlight came songs of delight
The three lovely girls made memories of pearls

Here in our bay, fond memories did form
To carry us in our way, to the land of the warm.


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