Friday, January 22, 2010


January 22, 2010
Yesterday we were hit with sustained gale force winds, with even stronger gusting winds, and pelting rain here in the anchorage. During the height of the gale, one of the boats broke or lost its anchor and started drifting towards shore. Luckily, Simon from the Ozzy boat was able to get another anchor to it in time to save it from going on the beach. We spent the day inside hanging on trying to be comfortable. During lulls we had to go out to check the chafing gear on the anchor line or rearranging the backup anchors. I have never worked so hard just so we could stay in one place! The winds diminished to a mere 25 knots in the afternoon until about 10:30 pm when the squally lightning storms started up. When the wind hit from the first one, it had enough strength to lay the boat over 45 degrees. Rockaby baby, slosh around and be afraid...Lightning flashed and thunder roared but barely anything could be heard of the driving wind and pelting rain.
Today the storm is supposed to subside and hopefully our cabin fever along with it.



  1. Glad you guys are ok, i've been tracking that storm all week (from my living room). You guys will make great alpine climbers when you hit dry land again!


  2. So curious: Did you end up deploying your second anchor? If so, off the bow in a Y or in series? What are your primary and secondary?