Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Cheap fish tacos, several Canadian vessels, and Viagra sold cheap at the corner store! We have been told to move out to anchor in the harbor because the surge from the upcoming storm will tear the docks to pieces if there are to many boats tied up. Rickety Mexican style!


  1. Hola amigos!
    I laughed for a good five minutes at your stink face Mike...thanks for making my day. Sorry to laugh at your expense, but not terribly sorry. :)
    So happy to hear you're in Mexico and enjoying some yummy fish tacos! Thanks for the updates and I look forward to more :)

  2. when stink face came up and told me the news, i was steering and fighting seasickness myself. i started laughing hysterically thinking that this certainly tops the list. sure, we live in an engine room, a wood shop, and now sewage spray? come on!! while thinking of ways to put together a phrase in spanish, "mucho stencho....kaboom!!", i was laughing so hard that i did not know if i was going to puke from the stench or the seasickness.
    by the way, i made your mexican green rice the other day and it was muy buenisimo!! thanks a bunch.