Friday, January 29, 2010

Barter Skills

January 29, 2010
After a delicious sleep we woke bright and early with the warm sun. Despite the fatigue from disturbed circadian rhythms in the last four nights, I feel refreshed and content. The boat is back into shape within two minutes. A Mexican fisherman on a panga (small fish boat) came alongside IO offering to fetch us fuel and water. After breakfast, Antonio was back with our goodies and aboard for a chat. We conversed about family, weather and any other necessities we might need using our broken but quickly-improving Spanish. The diesel cost us 200 pesos for 20 liters and the water was exchanged for some tradesies. Antonio made off with two shirts for his daughters and some crayons for the village kids. Let the bartering begin. We had expected this was a common occurrence and had come somewhat prepared, but we now have a new list of common items that we could use for trading with the locals. Perhaps we'll try to organize a care package to be sent down of used goodies that we can distribute to the fishing villages.


  1. What are you finding as hot trade items?

    Glad you had a nice 5 day passage and very jealous of the yellowtail. We sailed from Sidney to Victoria today (yay for wind!) and are at Fisherman's Wharf now. Saw Marv & Donna for coffee and wine.

  2. PS - Happy to help with mailing if you need.

  3. Let us know what you need. We're more than willing to get a package together. It's a nice walk to the post office.