Saturday, February 27, 2010

How do you describe Awesome?

February 25, 2010

N21 59.6 W106 04.3
I touched it. The creature's ginourmous undulating tail brushed my hand as I barely kept its pace and with a powerful burst of speed, the wash from its tail sent my body fumbling backwards like leaves tossed by a strong fall wind. We spent an hour in the water spinning, following and being circled by two gentle giants. So vast are they are an entire school of smaller fish call them home, an immense living reef, Rhincodon typus.
In truth I have felt guilty about not writing about these past two weeks adventures: carnivals and fishing; line and spear, coral reefs, new and newer friends laughing around food and warmth. The Tropic of Cancer has been criss-crossed and re-crossed. And IO, oh IO, bobbing gently in azure waters. How do you describe awesome? Not to worry I have lots of footage and pictures that I'll post when I can.
It is currently the morning of day 4 out to sea, after having left the Islands near La Paz. We have been through yet another gale two nights ago and are now crawling along with all the sail we can carry piled on, in the light tropical air. We are approaching Isla Isabella, sorta?! This small island in the southern end of the Sea of Cortez is apparently not where it is supposed to be. That is it has been miss-placed on the nautical charts and being small and of low height, it is hard to find. We are currently about 15 miles from where it supposedly is and I still see nothing. However it is supposedly worth the search as it is home to much sea life including blue and yellow footed boobies and marine iguanas. Even Jacques Cousteau dedicated an entire show to this island alone. We shall see.



  1. Wow!!! a whale shark?!?!?!?!!? that's incredible. How long are you planning to be in Mexico? We are in San Diego now, hoping to head down Baja sometime next week then onto PV before hopefully doing the puddle jump this spring.

  2. Spectacular Mike and hellloooo Hyo! Youre journey just seems to be collecting sooo many memories that will last your lifetime!!!!
    Hope you are both well and no effects of the Tsunami were experienced...
    ...Still living vicariously through you both, so keep up with the writing, we check daily!!!
    Safe travels! Rob and Eliza

  3. Truly awesome in the original sense of the word.

    And wow. The sailing world is small. I read Karen's blog and now I find Karen on Mike and Hyo's blog.