Saturday, May 8, 2010

Snorkeling with Giant Mantas

May 8 2010
Position 08 49.39S 140 03.90W

So much has happened in the last few days that it's all hard to describe. One thing is for sure, the passage seems like a long distant memory. We are currently in the picturesque tropical paradise, calm aqua marine lagoon, surrounded with white sand beaches. We are anchored 100 meters off a small coral reef that is teaming with tropical fish, sea turtles and spotted eagle rays abound. To make it even better, we are anchored with 4 boats that we met in La Cruz, including Mulan, Oso blanco, Totem and Capaz. Yesterday, we got all the dingys out searching the bay for a school of giant manta rays that come in to feed on the abundant plankton. Once found, every Man woman and child jumped in the 28 degree water and swam within an arms length of these 2-3 meter wide gentle giants. Above is the picture of Jamie on Totem diving down to the manta ray.
We have also gone out big game fishing on Oso Blancos tender were we pulled in a Dorado and a mackerel tuna and today we are taking Oso Blanco (which is a large, 2.5 million dollar motor boat) out to an offshore seamount to fish for an even bigger prize.
Last week we attended a goat pit roast on the beach after hiking to an amazing waterfall where we were swimming in freshwater with meter long eels. I have been eating the French baguettes as fast as I can get my hands on them and even the eels seemed to like them as were feeding them baguettes by hand.
It just seems ridiculous how much fun we are having.

We also had some very slow internet access last week and were able to check the blog and read all the comments you have been posting. Thanks so much everyone, we really enjoyed reading them and sharing this experience with you as best we can. We have been taking lots of pictures and will post them when possible.


Syzygy will make landfall today and I'm sure Matt and Karen will be in contact with their parents ASAP. We also put out a call to Escapade but have not heard if they have made landfall yet. If they have not it should be soon.


  1. I'll be dreaming about this post as I wax the hull tomorrow (2 week long haul out).

    - Livia

  2. Hey you two!
    I just got your postcard in the mail...I am amazed at your journey so far. I have been thinking about you often and am really enjoying following your adventure on here!
    Love and hugs from the chilly yet sunny mountains.