Wednesday, May 5, 2010


May 5 2010.
Position: 08 49.5S 140 14.9W
I have felt a bit guilty about not writing but we have been fully enjoying our time on this amazing island. I ate 9 mangos today alone. The passion fruit, bread fruit, plantains are just brilliant and the pamplemouse is by far the most fantastic fruit that we have encountered. We currently have 2 nets full of them and are always looking for more. Also the crepes with Nutella are brilliant. Picture large Polynesian men covered in tattoos wearing wild-bore tusk necklaces talking on a cell phone and eating a fresh French baguette. Its quite a contrast between new-world old-world! There are heaps of sharks patrolling the bays and I have seen black tip reef sharks in the surf in less than 2 feet of water and a 6-7 foot grey reef shark swam around the boat this morning. The sharks are harmless and have not prevented any snorkeling or spear fishing. We have met so many people from many nationalities and the locals have been so generous.
So to sum it up, all is well and we are loving it. As we have said many times now, 1 day ashore here melted away all 28 days of the long passage and we are not in any real hurry to leave. Our current plan is to hang out here for another week before heading out to the Tuamotos.


P.S. I spoke to Matt aboard Syzygy today and all is well, they are doing fine. They are about 3-4 days from Nuku Hiva.


  1. The island sounds wonderful. Thanks so much about posting the info from Matt & Karen. We certainly appreciate it!! Enjoy your tropical paradise!!!
    Vicki - Karen's MOM

  2. Kick that guilt to the curb. Enjoy!!!

  3. AnonymousMay 07, 2010

    Well done guys!
    Have fun - you earned it!

    Mike and Jenn