Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I see it, the Land of Beyond

I see it, the Land of Beyond

I was told of a place called the Land Of Beyond
A dream that lay beyond the gates of the day,
Of pastures it would seem, so lush and so green,
But ever so far away.
Half whispered its told, of a place where the bold
May dream to see, to touch and to breathe
But far this land lies, beyond the skirts of the skies
And farther than our known stars unfold.
Thus we set out, with never a doubt,
With a hope and a sail, the milky-way for a trail
Having left the land we are of so fond,
In search of this Land Of Beyond

28 days have been our toil, driven along under air foil
A lunar cycle we have been under sail
Led on, by a fairness never to fail.
In equatorial heat we have stewed,
Here, at sea where the silence is brood,
Searching these endless waves so long,
We've now skirted the skies and beyond.
In the vast desert of brine, we have surely put in our time,
Day in day out, but never a doubt,
Over crest of wave and trough, under heaven stars spawn,
Yearning for land to rise with the dawn.

We have been true to this trail, by wind, by wave and by sail,
We've earned this pride in our soul, that still mocks at our goal,
3000 miles we've come, our wake cannot be undone.
Out of this vast blue, it rises, could it be true?
I dare not to whisper, to speak its name I fear,
This mirage, before my eyes will disappear.

Nuku Hiva rises so tall, teaming with fresh water a fall,
Afar and agleam, many a valley a green,
More green it would seem, than one could dream,
And under sky blue, paradise thru and thru.
And what a vision to seek, a high, green beckoning peak
With a quiet and sheltered bay, where IO may peacefully lay
And rest for us without worry, having attained our sought after quarry.


So quietly on the wind did you hear, like a whisper on the breeze so near
Just beyond, at the brink of the dawn,
Is a place where beauty is beset with golden hue
Where coconut trees rise and loom, over aqua marine lagoon
Another place, yet not so far and is yet so new!
Alluring it lies, at the skirts of the skies,
So soon we'll be seeking like ever before,
Whether it be on this, or a far distant shore,
We have not yet found our match, still in our soul that itch to scratch,
That yearning like ever before.
And try how we will; it may be unattainable still,
With the sun, who rises at dawn, holding us ever true to our bond,
Who reveals to us, that search we must
For there is always always the next Land of Beyond.


  1. That is so wonderful. It would be such an accomplishment making the crossing and then seeing land after so many days out!
    Too cool! Congrats!

  2. Which one of you cried and kissed land first?! LOL....So happy to see you both made it such a far way, no physical injuries and a tough ride through it sounds like...Enjoy your time there, you deserve the break! Rob and Eliza s/v Shibumi

  3. Beautiful poem Mike! You both did an amazing and incredibly self-fulfilling life goal. I hope you take the time to realize what you have done and what it means to each of you. Enjoy the Marquesas. You have both earned your time ashore. What an accomplishment!