Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 18

Position 03 53N 126 31W, DMG 58 NM

The winds have been fluky and light, and have come from every direction possible. This is due to the many rain and wind squalls that we have encountered. Today we have done so many sail changes in the strong wind, blazing sun shine and pouring rain that we have lost count. For convenience sake we have just gotten into the routine of not wear clothing anymore. Unfortunately however, I was outside in the sun so often yesterday that I managed to sunburn my ass! Let me tell you that this is in no way convenient, and other than the obvious reasons, here is why; in order to stay in bed during all the rocking motions, we have what are called lee cloths, which basically turns the seat into a cradle so you can't fall out. Now even with these lee cloths in place, in order to fall asleep, you still need to wedge yourself into a corner of the bunk using pillows and blankets to keep you from rolling about. Of course it is also so hot, humid and muggy that you cannot have anything covering you while you sleep or you will sweat to death. The lee cloths are made out of sturdy nylon and webbing with steel grommets every so often making them strong but a bit scratchy to touch with bare skin. Last night, every time IO would come down off a big wave, or lurch one way or another, my naked sunburned butt would chafe on the lee cloth and painfully wake me up! So lame! We are starting to get tired and certainly have begun to question: Why are we doing this again?


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