Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 17

Position 04 40 N 126 04 W. DMG 83 nM

Don't touch me!
Becalmed. The ocean is like a mirror and we are so hot, so sticky. We accidentally sat to close together and our skin touches, or rather melds together in a hot sweaty saline union. Gross. This is not a heated passion, it's simple repulsion. Any stray breeze, the slightest puff of air across your skin is a moment of bliss, cooling relief, just for a second, then back to muggy, stuffy, relentless heat.
We need rain. We need water. So many squalls around us and somehow we keep missing them. Just one good deluge would cool our bodies, fill our tanks and bring relief even for a few minutes.

Our supplies have lasted well but are getting thin. Don't get me wrong, we have lots of food, in cans! But we are down to the last 3 grapefruits, two apples and a bag of onions. We also have 4 jicamas left as well (Mexican turnip) and one dumpy old cabbage that I would not want to eat even when it was fresh, almost 3 weeks ago. Other than this we are fine, Hyo baked bread and we have month's worth of other stores as well, but soon there will be no fresh stuff and that will be missed. We also have about half of our drinking water left, so we are not desperate, but having ample water would be comforting. We are also out of shower water, and in this heat, trust me I could really a shower!


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