Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 15

Position 07 29 N 125 30 W. DMG 96 nM
These past two days have been really pleasant. The wind has been good albeit a little light, the weather hot, and the wild life entertaining. In short, this is what I had imagined trade wind sailing to be like. Unfortunately and ironically we are almost out of the real trade winds. I also have to say that these past few days I have gotten into the daily groove. Although this probably more said now that the weather is not sucking and I'm actually enjoying myself. Hyo also got out the paper chart covering this part of the ocean and plotted our daily positions for the past two weeks detailing our slow but steady progress. Admittedly, it did leave us with a sense of accomplishment.

Note: unfortunately we cannot see our blog and therefore cannot reply to any comments that you may be leaving until we have internet again wherever that may be (we email these posts in over a special long-range radio, unfortunately we cannot access the internet directly while at sea). Regardless, a big hello to everyone, we would enjoy hearing from you. Also, I have been led to believe that there are two school groups following our journey, so a big hello to Mr. Iwaasa's and Mrs. Luthers class. We would also enjoy hearing from you.


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