Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A message to the parents of SV Syzygy.

We have spoken to Sailing Vessel Syzygy almost every day via the HF Radio. Matt and Karen aboard wish to tell their parents that all is well and they are doing fine. They had a very slow windless start and therefore spend a few days floating just off the coast of Mexico going nowhere fast. But as of yesterday picked up a bit of wind and were well underway at position N15 22 W112 29 as of April 20 0200 UTC.
Please note that we can only send in updates but cannot read the comments posted on the blog (as we have no internet aboard). We heard that you were following our blog via Ceilydh who we can communicate with via the radio.



  1. Vicki AnslingerApril 20, 2010

    To Ceilydh, Thank you so much for passing the info along to IO and for their response & letting us know that Karen & Matt are doing well. Looking at the SPOT check-ins, it does look like they are now making some decent progress. I did contact Matt's folks and passed the info on to them.

  2. As past cruisers, we know the value of being able to check in with the folks once in a while. We're happy to forward short messages to Mike and Hyo which they can read over the radio to Matt and Karen. Reach us at: info at endlessailing dot ca. Cheers, Marv and Donna