Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 19

Position 02 56N 127 30W, DMG 83NM
We have gotten into the southeast trade winds and are blazing along at top speed. Unfortunately there is an awful lot of SOUTH in the Southeast trade winds and so in order for us to get south past the equator we have to beat to windward. That is, we are sailing in a direction that is almost up-wind and while this is possible, it is very rough and uncomfortable. The boat is leaning (heeled) over to one side and waves are constantly crashing into and over the boat causing it to be wet and bumpy. I have also given up trying to collect rain water, it just too rough and the rain is not consistent.
Inside the boat is not a pretty sight either. Well, it's not so much disorganized as it is well, I'll just say it, smelly! We are on a 30 foot boat and the forward 8 feet of V-birth does not even get used except to hold what's left of the vegetables and all the dirty laundry, and so surprise surprise, is smells like humid vegetables and dirty laundry! The head (bathroom) is what it is, and of course has a smell all its own! Each of our bunks has been used constantly for almost three weeks now and while we have changed the sheets/towels we sleep on a couple of times, there is no doubt about it, they have their own funk! We strive to keep the kitchen clean so it for the most part is smell free, but it does have one major drawback, the salt water tap. We have a salt water tap to use for washing up etc. to conserve the limited fresh water. However, if one does not use the salt water tap for a day or so, the bacteria in the salt water die off and become anaerobic/anoxic. So when you need some salt water and it has been a while, the first couple of pumps fill the sink with rotten egg stench water that we have affectionately termed the 'fart water'. Then there is the engine, which is about two feet from the sink. When we had to motor for 19 hours two days ago, we had to keep all the air vents open to assist with keeping the engine cool here in the tropical water. Hot diesel engine smell, inside a hot, humid and otherwise scent filled boat, let me tell you: what a treat! Of course one could always go outside to get some fresh air; there is plenty of that out here in the middle of nowhere. But if it first thing in the morning, you'll find that the deck is covered in flying fish, which of all the fish I have encountered, are the smelliest fish ever. They have such a strong fish smell that you can detect if a fish is on deck in the dark while it's pouring rain. Of course when you go pick it up and toss it over board your fingers stink until you can wash them, with perhaps the fart water!


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