Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 26-7

Day 26
Position 05 46S 137 01 W, DMG 116nm.
So close yet so far, drive IO Drive.
We are out the favorable west setting current but the sails are still full and pulling hard.
My mind waits to fill my senses with the smell, the sight, the feel of land.


Day 27
Position 07 25 S 138 22 W, DMG 127 nm.
Yesterday the thought of approaching landfall was exciting, today it just still seems so far. I have read and heard of accounts of sailors doing this passage where they are eager to get there for the first couple of weeks, then in the middle of the trip, they get into the rhythm of the passage and near the end they sometimes feel they don't want it to end. I have even heard of sailors slowing the boat down just to prolong the experience. I tell you that I'm going to be traveling at hull speed towards Taiohae beach when we drop the anchor! There is now way we are slowing down for anything! 130 NM to go.
At the current speed, we should make landfall tomorrow evening. Unfortunately it is considered bad seamanship and just plain dangerous to approach land in the dark, but the bay that we are going to is pretty strait forward with minimal hazards, so we just might attempt it.


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