Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 25

Position 04 07 S 136 01W. DMG 148 NM
Day 25, DAY 25! REALLY?
Still hard on the wind beating to weather but the wind has backed about 20 degrees so we can now shape a course to Nuku Hiva. Spray on deck with every other wave, beating to windward and pushing hard. We have been leaving the sails up far longer than they should be, driving IO hard. Salt is encrusting everything on deck, it dries between sprays in the searing noon day sun, then in the evening collects moisture to become a sticky greasy film on everything. We caught another Yellowfin tuna today; oddly it was on a hook that had no bait. I had been lazy about rebaiting the hook each morning since it has been so rough the past few days and was just dragging a bare hook. I guess that works too! Hyo cooked the tuna and made some ceviche all while the boat was bucking and lurching through and over each wave, heeled over 20 degrees. The fresh crispy onions, garlic and tangy lime juice was refreshing.
We have come 2497 nautical miles (4620 km) and the gps says we have about 360 nm to go. If only I had my spurs! Giddy up IO!

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