Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 23 -4

Day 23
Position 01 03 S 132 28 W, DMG 123NM.
More wind but so hot and all the windows are closed because we are still beating to windward and much spray is covering the boat. Not very fun. Still unable to lay a direct course to the Marquesas due to this southerly wind.


Day 24
Position 02 23 S 134 22W, DMG 139 NM.
Today is the 7th day we have been beating to windward on what is supposed to be an easy downwind run! After a long night of beating and pounding the boat into the waves, we made some good mileage. Still unable to make direct course for Marquesas landfall. This southerly wind is not letting us do what we need to. I hate the weather man, the weather files say the wind is doing what we need but in reality the wind is over 40 degrees off. I have sworn allot today. I realize that being angry at the weather is the most useless waste of energy but still, can't help but being mad at it. All the pounding into the wind has caused a few leaks to show up, saltwater dripping onto my bunk makes me very cranky! The port navigation light is broken and I broke the main halyard cam-cleat shaking out a reef. Salty, sticky, so cranky!
Later: The wind lightened up a bit so we could at least open a couple of windows, good for moral to cool down a bit, but not good for course direction.


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